I’ve been asked time and again about my process of creating the photographs I display.  Each shot is different and so the process is different for each photo. Here is a brief look behind the scenes.  Sometimes I’ll adjust the contrast, saturation, and exposure and voila!, a finished image.  Sometimes, I’ll work on an image for weeks (ten minutes here, 10 minutes there over the course of a couple of weeks) to come up with something with which I’m happy.
“Tree in the Fog 2”  is an example of the latter.  Here is a sequence of images showing the image from the RAW file to the finished image.  The final image and a link back to the landscape gallery, is also below.

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A Tree in the Fog 2 - Behind the Scenes

A Tree in the Fog 2

Tree in the Fog 2 A

Tree in the Fog 2 BTree in the Fog 2 CTree in the Fog 2 DTree in the Fog 2 ETree in the Fog 2 F