I’ve been meaning to get down to shoot at the Central location of the Milwaukee Public Library for quite a long time.  Today I finally did.   And wow!  It was mostly a scouting trip – I just brought my camera with my trusty 24-85 and shot hand-held – but a full day of shooting will be coming in the near future, I’m sure.  The building was completed in 1898 and build in a neo-renaissance style (combination of French and Italian renaissance styles) and finished with lots or marble and ornate designs.  Today’s image was taken from the center of the lobby looking straight up at the lighted domed ceiling three floors above.

I tried to capture the symmetry of the architecture – a very tough thing to do – and I am close, but it’s not perfect.  This image is rotated 90 degrees from the original RAW file to place the three round windows on the top of the frame to help balance the shot.

Day 148 of 365

Milwaukee Public Library

Milwaukee Public Library

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