“Strange things blow in through my window on the wings of the night wind and I don’t worry about my destiny.”
–Carl Sandburg

Light beams through what seems to be an opening to an outside world illuminating the dark passage.  When in fact, it is a spiral staircase inside the Milwaukee Public Library in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Like many, many other folks before, I looked up and thought that this would make a great photo.  But then I wondered how I could make the shot a bit different, perhaps more unique, than the countless other spiral staircase images.  It was quite dark in this area (I shot this at 640 ISO at 1/15), and I didn’t have my tripod handy, so I snapped a few frames, hoping to come back at a later date to really explore.

It was not until processing, that the “a ha!” moment struck – simply rotate the image 90 degrees counterclockwise!   The way the light falls in the shot, when turned, the opening to the upper floors resembles a window. (Try it, turn your head sideways and see if it looks much more like a staircase to you.)

I’m always amazed at how a simple crop or a rotation can change the way an image is perceived.

Day 150 of 365.



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