Looking at my son’s wooden toy blocks and specifically the wooden columns,  got me to thinking about the pillars of design for photography. (yeah, my mind is crazy that way)  There are many thoughts on how many elements there are but in my mind there are seven – line, shape, form, texture, color, pattern, and space.

Anyway, with today’s image, I originally wanted to focus only on form, showing depth through light and shadow, and create a simple, minimalist composition of three columns with the afternoon light from my office window providing the light.  But then the repeating patterns of the three columns created a leading line, as did the cast shadows of the blocks.  The wood grain texture over the white background emphasized the round shape of the blocks.   The negative white space around the columns kept the eyes from wandering off frame.  I would have color too had I not converted the image to black and white!

So, in the end, my image of the day, is about the seven pillars of design – even though I only wanted to focus on one.

Day 230 of my 365 photo a day project.

Minimalist Pillars

Minimalist Pillars

If you are looking for art for your home or office or something to spice up your digital desktop, this image and most of the others from this project are available as prints and digital downloads.  You can also check out the rest of my portfolio here.