Thinking outside the box.  That is something we hear quite often.  But we are all conditioned to think the same, do things the way they have always been done, and do what is customary.  And that certainly applies when it comes to learning and growing as a photographer.  Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you buy books, attended weekend workshops, or watch a slew of tutorials online.  And these are all great sources.  However, there are other avenues to becoming a better photographer that are a bit out of the mainstream, but are, in my humble opinion, exponentially better.

The one I’d like to introduce you today is The Arcanum.  (Full disclosure:  I am a Master in the Arcanum and have been part of it for almost 2 years now).  It is different because it is based on the ancient Master / Apprentice model where the teacher chooses his students based on several factors including personality,  compatibility, specific genre focus, goals, and skill levels.   Each Master has a small group of about 20 students, who work collaboratively to grow, learn, and become better artists.  Group engagement, encouragement, sharing, and being vulnerable, create huge leaps in understanding and skill in shooting and processing.

One of the best parts about the Arcanum is the one on one sessions with a Master.  In the beginning levels,  called spheres, each apprentice will have several opportunities to have positive, insightful, earth-shattering critiques with their Master.  I’ve been on both ends of the critique, as Master AND apprentice, and the things you learn…wow!

The mission of the Arcanum is to unlock the creative awesome in every individual, and thereby, enrich the world.  And it does that, in spades.  If you are looking for ways to improve your photography and become a better artist, think outside the box and check out the Arcanum.

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Day 238 of my 365 photo a day project.

Think Outside the Box

Think Outside the Box

If you are looking for art for your home or office or something to spice up your digital desktop, this image and most of the others from this project are available as prints and digital downloads.  You can also check out the rest of my portfolio here.