The bright ideas have, for the most part, flowed freely during this 365 project.  Well, that fount of creative concepts dried up today.  Oh sure, I shot a few things.  I even went back through some older shots seeing if anything would jump out at me, saying “Yes, this is your image of the day!”  But no, today, after 275 days, I got nothing.  And when I think about it, after three quarters of a year, that ain’t too bad.

Now, of course, I still need to post something today.  I’m not giving up.  So, in honor of the lack of an idea today, I give you an illustrated light bulb*.  Hopefully, it will shine some creative light on that part of my brain that comes up with new things to shoot!

Day 276 of my 365 photo (and sometimes 3D illustrations) a day project.

Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

*This is NOT a photograph.  The light bulb is a 3D illustration created using Softimage|3D and Photoshop.  To see more of my animation, please have a look at my demo reel.

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