“To believe in luck, you must believe that the universe is a roulette wheel and that instead of paying out to us what we have earned, it pays out only what it wishes. But it is not a spinning wheel of chance, it is a work of art, complete and framed by eternity.”
–from “Innocence” by Dean Koontz

I set out to shoot a few nice outdoor photos on this day.  But due to the hazy, humid, and overcast weather conditions, a traditional landscape photograph was going to be difficult.   Shot along the Milwaukee River,  the water was murky from recent rains, the sky was grey,  and the trees were a uniform green.   So when life gives you lemons, you use intentional camera movement and spin to create an abstract landscape photograph.  (I think that’s how the phrase goes. )

Anyway, I took several shots at slower shutter speeds and at f/22.  Each one with a spin, a zoom, or a swish pan.  And if you ever decide to try this technique, the subpar, crappy shots will outnumber the keepers by a long shot.  So be prepared.  You will delete a lot of shots.

In this image, the red/orange trees in the top of the frame are actually a reflection in the water.  I flipped this image vertically to create what I felt was a better flow and color balance – it is an abstract after all!  Finally,  I greatly enhanced the color saturation and contrast between the lights and darks.

Day 333 of my 365 photo a day project.

Eternally Spinning

Eternally Spinning

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