These small containers of washable paint belong to my son.  I noticed the complementary colors when I was cleaning his painting supplies and I thought, ‘I have to shoot those!’  Of course, I dropped everything and took the plastic buckets to my camera stand.  Priorities, you know…

To make the saturated colors really stand out in the frame,  I decided to place the dishes on a large white canvas background with a lot of negative space.  This created a sort frame around the colors, thus emphasizing them even more.  It also keeps with the minimalist theme I seem to enjoy so much.

To create the final image, I used six shots: five shots for the four containers of paint and canvas background (combined into a 32-bit HDR file) and one shot for the shadows using my off camera flash.

Day 338 of my 365 photo a day project.

Four Small Containers of Paint

Four Small Containers of Paint

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