You get some wonderful magical surprises when you experiment.  For this sweet shot of my son, I used a Diana+ 110mm soft focus telephoto Lomography lens.  The cheap plastic lens produces a very cool retro soft glow to everything.  If you are looking for tack sharp images, this lens is NOT for you.  However, it you are after an organic, atmospheric retro film-look, you must try it!  The lenses are made for the Diana+ film cameras,  so you’ll need an lens mount adapter for your digital camera.

In addition, I created the surreal blurred look by using trailing curtain sync with my on-camera flash.  This is another technique that is very nice to have in your bag of tricks.  You can read more about it here.

While I loved the warm tones in the initial image, I felt the motion and shapes in the photo were the stars.  So I added a bit of grain and converted the final image to black and white.

Day 359 of my 365 photo a day project.

Wonderful Magic

Wonderful Magic

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