“The straight line belongs to men, the curved one to God.”
–Antoni Gaudi

Whenever I am out and about, I’m always looking up (and down and around).  Some of the most interesting photographs can be found when you look at things from a different perspective.  And that is especially true of architecture.

Looking up, I loved all of the lines in this shot.  There are three main horizontal sections – the sky, the building side and the overhang.  The siding on the building created a checkerboard of lines going horizontal and vertical.  The panels in the overhang also has many parallel lines.  And the straight lines of the blurred clouds create almost an arrow pointing down the side of the building.

Finally, to emphasize all those wonderful lines (and minimize the distracting colors), I converted the final image to a copper-toned black and white.

Day 362 of my 365 photo a day project.

Straight Line Above

Straight Line Above

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