An extremely processed photograph of the waterfall at Pewitt’s Nest near the Wisconsin Dells re-imagined as a digital painting.

Since I haven’t had the time to get out and shoot lately (excuses…excuses), I’ve been going through my catalog looking for unprocessed gems. I found this one from June of 2015.

I needed to blow up the image to get the cropping I wanted and as you can see from the original, it needed a LOT of help. So with the assistance of a myriad of Topaz Labs filters (Impression, Glow, ReStyle) and other Photoshop plugins, I present to you a photograph-cum-digital painting of Pewitt’s Nest near the Wisconsin Dells.

Pewitt's Nest

Pewitt’s Nest

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Pewitt’s Nest
Original photo: June 2015
Reprocessed: January 7, 2017