Emotion. Mood. Feelings. This is what I capture through my photographs. Whether it is landscapes, architectural elements, still life, or macros – it is a very personal journey as my own fears, triumphs, beliefs, and shortcomings are exposed with each photo. Much of what I shoot is done spontaneously without preconceived thought or plan. I let what is around me dictate what is photographed.

And the shooting is only the first step – a jumping off point. I take the raw images and create what I see in my mind’s eye. Coaxing out textures present in the shot – sometimes adding them. Enhancing the contrast of light and dark to create the mood and emotions I felt and feel. In the end, it’s all about listening to my heart and mind and creating a visual representation of what I feel the moment the shutter is released.

In the end, it is all about telling compelling stories.


I’m a native Texan currently living on Milwaukee’s East Side with my lovely wife and toddler son.

I’m available for hire and commission. Please contact me for rates.

I use Nikon cameras and lenses, Induro tripods and Lowpro camera bags. For post-processing, I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and plugins from Google Nik Effects, OnOne, and Topaz Labs.

©2017 Scott Norris Photography