Light Leaks & Color Washes

Light Leaks and Color Wash Textures
40 high resolution Light Leaks and Color Wash Textures

Light Leaks and Color Wash Textures

These textures are designed to add a bit of the old vintage analog
camera look to your images. Because of plastic camera cases, improper
film loading, expired/exposed film, heat/water damage, and lens flare,
these “light leaks” and colorful washes were common in snapshot
photographs. They added a bit of mystery, atmosphere, and interest to
photos. It was just a cool look!

What can you do with them? The only limit is your imagination!

Each image is 5000×3333 and in full-res JPG format. All packaged as a 38mb ZIP file.

Light Leaks and Color Wash Contact Sheet

By Scott Norris

Emotion. Mood. Feelings. This is what I capture through my photographs. Whether it is landscapes, architectural elements, still life, or macros - it is a very personal journey as my own fears, triumphs, beliefs, and shortcomings are exposed with each photo. In the end, it is all about telling compelling stories.