No More Spark

No More Spark

This old Champion sticker rests in a window at Joe’s Super Service,  an abandoned service station along state highway 60 in Rubicon, Wisconsin.

Abandoned School and Comfy Chair

Abandoned School House and a Comfy Chair

I originally shot this old school house interior and broken chair back in March of 2012.   My wife and I were taking the backroads in northern Illinois somewhere near Rockford when we passed this old building.  Of course, I immediately hit the brakes and turned around and started shooting.  

Apothecary Bottle Clothespin

Apothecary Bottle and Clothespin

The dark damp and mostly forgotten corners of the basement of the two-flat in which we live is a gold mine for cool subjects to shoot.  Today I found this tiny old apothecary bottle and a clothespin on top of an old dust-covered cabinet with the fading late afternoon sunlight trickling through the one grime covered window.