It was going to happen.  A day within the 365 days of my project where I don’t feel like going out to shoot nor do I feel too creative.  Heck, it’s Monday after the holidays – I don’t feel like creating anything.  But the project is a photo-a-day project, not a photo-on-the-days-I-feel-like-maybe-kinda-sorta-I-might-could-shoot-and-process-something project.

So here is a photo I actual took about 2 weeks ago.  I know, kind of a cheat, but it’s my 365 project, so roll with it.   It is 6 15-second exposures of Lake Michigan using my ICE 10-stop ND filter blended in camera to create one photo.  It is very minimal,  as the whole point of the shoot was just to test the ND filter.  After just a bit of processing in Photoshop, the creative lightbulb above my head flickered ever so slightly and I thought, “Hey, this would look great as a triptych!”  And with that fleeting thought,  the virtual lightbulb was dark.

So, for what it’s worth, here is a Lake Michigan Minimalist Triptych.

Day 96 of 365.

Lake Michigan Minimalist Triptych photograph

Lake Michigan Minimalist Triptych.