I’ve been on a real minimalist kick in my art as of late.  You can certainly see that in my recent photographs in the 365 Project.  And lately, I’m actually finding it quite difficult to find and shoot compelling images of landscapes or cityscapes/architecture.

So what is up?  I’ve never considered myself to be a minimalist photographer.  Although Ido try to simplify my compositions to emphasize my chosen subject, that is just part of creating interesting photographs.  But recently, I’m REEAALLLY simplifying things.  (Just look at today’s image!)

I’ve got an idea, a working theory, on what may be going on.  They say Life Imitates Art.  Perhaps it is my unconscious trying to tell me something.  By pushing me towards very minimal art, it’s saying “Duuuude, imitate this!”  (What? Your subconscious doesn’t talk to you this way?) “Dude, simplify your considerably over-complicated, kooky, cluttered, crowded, chaotic life!  Slow down.  Stop and smell the roses.  Relaaaaax.  Keep it simple, stupid!”

Or maybe, it’s just that it’s a typical Wisconsin winter.  Either way, I’m going to continue to photograph what moves me – be it minimalist still life or sweeping landscape vistas. And I will also work on reducing my speed, relaxing, de-cluttering my workspace and my mind, and enjoying the pleasant, simple aromas of everyday life.

“The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

A cyanotype print on a white background.  The cyanotype was created with a sunlight print kit.

Day 128 of 365

Sky Blue on White, Minimalist

Sky Blue on White

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  1. Nice! I like your thinking.

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