This is the Lamp-Lite Motel (or at least the sign) along US 51 in Portage, Wisconsin.   Now, I have to say up front, I’ve done just a wee bit of work on this one (see below).  Taken in June of last year and finally processed today, I was driving toward Baraboo looking for a particular waterfall to photograph.   At 60mph, I was almost even with the sign before I even saw it.  So I spun the car around ( I slowed down first) and drove back.  The motel itself looked pretty run-down and with no cars in front, it was hard to tell if it was open or not.  The light was not great – it was around 2:30 pm – but I tried to get a few clicks.  With several angles and many brackets captured, I continued on.

Once home, the image really didn’t work for me.  As I said, the light was pretty harsh and the background was full of trees, signs and a cemetary, the highway was a distraction, and there was even a U-Haul truck.  So I archived and set it aside.  Until today.

Looking at it with fresh eyes and possessing a bigger and deeper bag of Photoshop tricks and techniques, I decide to have a go at it.  Here is the final result with a few images showing the processing progression below.

Day 146 of 365

Lamp-Lite Motel

Lamp-Lite Motel

The original processed single RAW image.

Image aspect changed to 3:1.  New sky, clouds, and base landscape created in Photoshop.

Cut out sign added to base background and more grass added.





Color-correction, Nik Color Efex, Topaz Impression, and Topaz Clarity.